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Dry & Wet Lease of Simulators


A320 Fixed Base Simulator
A320 Full Flight Simulator
Display Title
Mechtronix Ascent A320-232  
Type IV FSTD SN-00002194
A320 IAE SM SBV 12/10
Certification Dates
18 July 2013 (Initial)
7 Aug 2014 (Renewed)
6 Sep 2013 (Initial)
1 Sep 2014 (Renewed)
Eng Type IAE V2527-A5 IAE V2527-A5
CAAS Category FSTD Level 4 Level 7
A/C Tail NumberAirbus A320-232    
Airbus Standard 1.6
 1.7 Airbus Standard

The STAA Simulator Training Centre is located in Singapore, with both the A320 Fixed-Base Simulator and A320 Full Flight Simulator. Both simulators are available for dry and wet lease.

Pleas contact us for more information or to make your reservations.