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Where It All Begins

(Article contributed by Marcus Ng, a graduate of STAA Qatar Airways MPL Batch 1, Year 2015)
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Every aspiring pilot has had that dream as a child, that passion to fly and that desire to take to the skies. I could go on and on as to how I came about that decision to pursue a career in aviation, or how it all started, or how darn sure I was that I had made the correct decision when I took off on a Cessna for the very first time. However I am not writing to motivate, or to assure how right you are in choosing this path, or how much you will regret if you do not. I am solely writing as a graduate, to express my frank opinion of my cadetship in ST Aerospace Academy.

ST Aerospace Academy was the starting point of my aviation career. Just like any other great journey, it all boils down to how it begins. The academy proved to be a fundamental stepping stone for my subsequent progression into Qatar Airways.

 I am grateful to the academy, which not only provided my colleagues and myself a cohesive place to learn, but a second home as we revolved our lives around our training. Throughout the 18months in ST aerospace academy, I picked up essential knowledge, skills and advice which gave me a solid foundation for aviation. Be it ground school, practical flying in Ballarat, or the simulators, I found the instructors approachable and helpful. Accompanied with an arsenal of material for self-study, I felt that the academy provided for the cadets adequately. Also the priceless bond forged amongst colleagues, and even instructors, made flight training easily the highlight of my flying career.

Overall, I owe it to the academy for being where I am today. It takes much more than just sheer will and individual effort. Only with the proper guidance and instruction was I well-equipped for embarking on this incredible journey.