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The Dream of Flying

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(Article contributed by JIA Yanhui, a graduate of STAA, Year 2012)
“Why do you want to be a pilot?”,this is a very common question when we have the interview. Now, I can answer it with honour: “because I love it!”
Two years ago, we came to Ballarat, a little city in the Southeast region of Australia; here is our flying school, STAA.

I remember that day very clearly - January 10th, 2010, the first day of our flying life in Australia. From that day on, our busy and interesting life starts. At first, we suffered the stress of flying, we cooked for ourselves everyday though many people did not know how to cook. We studied hard for endless exams while we tried to adapt to our new life as soon as possible. We helped each other through these one and a half years, we flew together, we studied together, we laughed together, we cried together and we were just like a big family. We never gave up on whatever difficulties we have encountered and at last, we succeeded, obtaining our pilot licences step by step, we passed our exams one by one and we got closer to our dream!

Now, we are all First Officers of the A320 aircraft in our company, Juneyao Airlines. Looking back, it seem to have taken a very long time to be an airline pilot, it was a very long way to go, being hard and boring sometimes but we never gave up and never failed to bring our steps forward. The only reason that assisted us in persevering through these hard times was because we love this job, we love each kind of aircraft we flew, never mind if it is big or small, we just love the feeling in the sky! 

STAA is the place where our flying dream began! We love the life in Ballarat, love the people in STAA, love our flying in Australia, and love our flying life in future!