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STAA Graduate Reflections on the Multi Crew Pilot Licence Course

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(Article contributed by Adriel TAN, a graduate of STAA, Year 2012)

The migration, seemingly a challenge , an industrious undertaking to transit from little or no flying experience to the right hand seat of an Airbus A320. Notwithstanding, we fully immersed ourselves into the training curriculum set out by the authorities and our instructors.

Our progression through the MPL program was very smooth. With hindsight, I realized the effectiveness of the training curriculum. 

The painstaking attention to details of all those involved in the program ensured that we had a gradual but yet stimulating experience. This tending to details extend to each individual's development, through evaluations planned at the different milestones we would be given feedbacks on ameliorating various aspects of our training. The course materials, for our Australia flying was an entire manual tailored to the various lesson plans and manoeuvres we had to complete.

I have no doubt that my smooth transition to the Airline – a dream come through, was the outcome attained through the institutional planning, training, and all the staff and instructors involved in the MPL program to which we are most honoured to be part of.