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Never A Moment of Regret

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(Article contributed by Jacke WANG, a graduate of STAA, Year 2012)

I remember when I was fifteen, I would look into the evening skies above Changi Airport and I could spot airliners miles away, coming in one by one gracefully to land. To me, it was the most beautiful thing I ever knew. Never had I expected myself to be bringing one of these big birds into Changi Airport one day, for I thought this dream was too far-fetched from reality. After I joined STAA's MPL program, and learnt about aviation, then I realised being a pilot is not like what everyone thinks.

I have asked a captain before, "what do you think makes a good pilot?" His reply had a profound impact on me. He said, "I believe only when a pilot retires, then when he thinks back about his career and smile with pride, he is probably a good pilot." 

After I made the decision to pursue a flying career, I have never turned back since. And there was not a day where I did not look forward to a flight. MPL was an excellent program and I feel very lucky to be part of it. I enjoyed the different phases of the training and through each phase, I was acquiring knowledge and skills that eventually made me into who I am today. The program was efficient and concise, and training to the standard operation procedures prepared us for the airline functionally. Ask any pilot of their trainee days and I'm sure there are always stories for tea break.