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My Childhood Dream Fulfilled

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(Article contributed by Broji Ali, a graduate of STAA, Year 2012)

“Since young, admiring the flying machines and the cool pilots who operate it, I decided to take the next step to achieving my dream. A wonderful opportunity came by through STAA and after a much rigorous selection process, 6 of us were selected to start on the beta MPL program. Initially, I thought to myself that it was a risk embarking on a beta course but as time progressed, STAA managed it very well, and my dream became achievable with much commitment and hard work. All the 6 of us, graduated successfully.

In a 2 crew environment, multi crew co-ordination and communication is vital, the Multi Crew Pilot Licence course trained us specifically for that and placed us in a good standing when we went line flying. The training of over 200 hours on the A320 SIM provided a very good foundation to understanding the aircraft and also on how to operate it in the safest way possible with good airmanship qualities. 

Now, all the 6 of us fly regularly and are living our dreams. Before flying, I was in the financial industry slogging it out from 9am – 6pm with a fixed desktop. Now, I report to office with much excitement, not the mention the beautiful view. We are enjoying the moment and it was worth all the hard work. Overall, I am glad to have been part of this successful beta trial and hope this is the way for the future."