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What STAA Graduates Say

07_Marcus Ng.jpg openspeech.jpg

Where It All Begins
Every aspiring pilot has had that dream as a child, that passion to fly and that desire to take to the skies. I could go on and on as to how I came about that decision to pursue a career in aviation, or how it all started, or how darn sure I was that I had made the correct decision when I took off on a Cessna for the very first time. [read more]
Marcus NG

 Husni HARHARAH.jpgPersevere and You Will Get There ! 
It is almost a cliché to say this, but I have wanted to be a pilot since I was young. My parents often brought me to Jakarta to visit our extended family, and much as I was excited to meet my aunts, uncles and cousins, what I was most thrilled over were the flights. I always insisted on taking the window seat so that I could look down at the world falling away when the plane took off, at the toy-like buildings and ships when we were in the air, and at the ground rushing to welcome us when we land. [read more]

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openspeech.jpg Invaluable Skills of Life 

Hi there! My name is Luke and I completed my commercial pilot licence with STAA in Dec 2009. I'm here today to share my journey of becoming a commercial pilot and getting my first jet job. [read more]

 Luke LEE
Broji Ali.jpg


My Childhood Dream Fulfilled
Since young, admiring the flying machines and the cool pilots who operate it, I decided to take the next step to achieving my dream. A wonderful opportunity came by through STAA and after a much rigorous selection process, 6 of us were selected to start on the beta MPL program. Initially, I thought to myself that it was a risk embarking on a beta course but as time progressed, STAA managed it very well, and my dream became achievable with much commitment and hard work. All the 6 of us, graduated successfully [read more]
Broji Ali  
JIA Yanhui.jpg openspeech.jpg The Dream of Flying 
Why do you want to be a pilot?”,this is a very common question when we have the interview. Now, I can answer it with honour: “because I love it!” [read more]
JIA Yanhui         
Jacke WANG1.jpg openspeech.jpg Never A Moment of Regret
I remember when I was fifteen, I would look into the evening skies above Changi Airport and I could spot airliners miles away, coming in one by one gracefully to land. To me, it was the most beautiful thing I ever knew. Never had I expected myself to be bringing one of these big birds into Changi Airport one day, for I thought this dream was too far-fetched from reality. After I joined STAA's MPL program, and learnt about aviation, then I realised being a pilot is not like what everyone thinks. [read more]
Jacke WANG           
Adriel TAN.jpg openspeech.jpg STAA Graduate Reflections on the Multi Crew Pilot Licence Course  The migration, seemingly a challenge , an industrious undertaking to transit from little or no flying experience to the right hand seat of an Airbus A320. Notwithstanding, we fully immersed ourselves into the training curriculum set out by the authorities and our instructors. [read more]
Adriel TAN  
Ginn CHEW.jpg openspeech.jpg STAA First Graduate Joins Tiger Airways
Choosing STAA was a natural choice as I was working in ST Aerospace after my graduation from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2007. [read more]