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Vision, Mission & Core Values


To be a leading global Flight Training Organisation, in scale and quality, providing airline-oriented training solutions. 


To train safe, professional, competent and efficient pilots, through utilising state-of-the-art technology and methodology. 

Core Values

  • Integrity
    We believe the foundation of our business success rests on unyielding honesty, trustworthiness and responsibility for our actions, striving to do the right thing and to fulfil our promises to one another, our customers, partners and stakeholders.

  • Value Creation
    We are determined to add value in all that we do -- in the best way possible and to the best of our ability. We work together to grow our people, markets and businesses around the world, to consistently create solutions that win in the marketplace and meet, or even exceed, our customers' expectations.

  • Courage
    We empower ourselves as an organisation, as teams and as individuals through small and large acts of courage in our everyday work and at more challenging moments of uncertainty, without fear of failure or the desire to stick with the status quo. Courage enables us to face the plain realities of our situation (favourable and unfavourable), to address concerns over change, to promote out-of-box thinking and to explore and commit to bold new possibilities for our business.

  • Commitment
    We are determined and energised to achieve our shared vision, mission and strategic objectives together. This dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitments to customers, partners, other stakeholders and one another, driving us to excellence in our results and in how we achieve them.

  • Compassion
    Along with our passion to succeed and prosper as individuals, as teams and as a business, we also reach out to express our genuine care and responsibility for one another, our communities and the broader world community. We rally around those in difficulty to understand their troubles and actively help them with our time, energy and money.

STAA Culture

  • We serve with passion.
  • We value our people.
  • We encourage open communication.
  • We endeavour to maintain a conducive work environment.
  • We strive to progress in the best interest of our customers, organisation and staff.